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Monday, January 16, 2006

Here I go!!

Well, I'm finally going to make the plunge and start my own blog. I've really enjoyed exploring other blogspots and finding out what other knitters are knitting. I've only been knitting about 18 months. It all started when I saw a pair of socks in a yarn shop that were a beautiful variegated red.... Well, I haven't knit any red socks yet, but I have knit about 5 pairs inthe past 18 months, not to mention numerous scarves that I've gifted to friends and family members, and several caps. My first pair of socks was knit out of Cascade wool - a beautiful forest green. I was a bad girl and didn't read the directions on how to wash them (they were washed along with everything else, in warm water). Needless to say, they felted up very nicely and ended up about 2 sizes too small, so I gifted them to a friend I work with. My next 2 pairs were out of opal sock yarn (superwash). They didn't shrink, but are a little loose around the leg. Part of that has to do with the pattern I used. I did finally make a pair out of merino wool that fit just right!!! (Doesn't that sound like Goldilocks?) They are sooo soft and comfy - and I have been taking very good care of how I wash and dry them - and they still fit, yippee!!
I am just starting and will add pics and links later.


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