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Monday, September 07, 2009

I'm Baaaack...........

What a busy month I have had. Son # 3 is settled in college on the east coast and is staying very busy with classes and making new friends. He is maxed out on the number of units that he is taking and I hope that he does OK with that. The day after we left him, he texted us that he had received another scholarship to be a sound tech for the marching band.
While we were there, my husband and I were able to go to Washington D.C. for the day. One day is just not enough in D.C. A few of the highlights......

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Washington Monument

The World War II Memorial I got a little sentimental at the last Memorial.
I just had to dip my poor hot feet in the water at the WW II Memorial, and believe me, I wasn't the only one doing it!

The Lincoln Memorial just filled me with a sense of awe. Hubby and I had to read the whole Gettysburg address and his second inaugural address. What powerful speeches.
We also visited Appomattox, and the Virginia Safari Park.

After we got son #3 settled in his dorm room, we flew back home and drove to WY. We bought fruit and corn in Idaho for the in-laws and helped them process it. Then we spent "several" long days helping son #1 and our daughter-in-law with their house. We helped tear up carpet and re-finish the wood floors that were underneath - boy what a messy job! Then, when my husband finally got home, we worked on major cleaning projects at our house that have been neglected. We have been busy, busy, busy this summer. And it sure feels good to be getting some things accomplished.
Last Saturday I tried to sell some yarn at the Farmer's Market and got rained out. It started misting just as I arrived at the fairgrounds, and we were able to set up the gazebo and the yarn table without any problems, then it started really raining. When the river started running through the middle of my gazebo, I decided to call it quits. The few customers that I saw at the market were just there after their vegetables and then were making a quick exit, they weren't shopping for anything fun like yarn.
I did manage to get some knitting done while traveling on the plane and in the car. On one flight I got a little testy. I carry a tote onto the plane with my knitting in it, but when I board I take a bag with my knitting out of the tote so it looks like I am carrying 3 items onto the plane. The stewardess told me that I couldn't take 3 things onto the plane and I started panicking thinking what am I supposed to do with myself for the next 2 hours? the only thing I brought was knitting. You know the feeling? Counting on that time to work on a project? Then she explained to me that there were inspectors on the plane watching everything, and that I could take my knitting out of the toe once I got to my seat - whew, what a relief!
The purse is felted (it is still very large), and I plan on going to the yarn store today for help figuring out how to do the handles.

Several days ago I started on the Teddy suit for a baby shower that got moved up by 2 weeks (Yikes! Fingers and needles are flying!) I have the 2 legs done and am just about ready to join them to work on the body of the suit. Thank goodness babies are small :)

When the Farmer's market got rained out on Saturday, we decided to go to Oregon to do some shopping. We had lunch in Ashland and visited Websters. I ordered the yarn for Mariposa, and bought 7 oz. of Blue Meriboo roving to spin to add to the 4 oz. I already had. Maybe I can make something more than just a scarf or a hat with it (not that there is anything wrong with scarves or hats).

As if my husband and I haven't ben busy enough, we bought Tuna to can, about 60 pounds of it. I'm sure some people buy much more, but with only 2 pressure cookers going, 60# is keeping us busy enough! Boy does our house smell fishy!
Over 3 dozen jars,, and we have one more batch to do! I guess I better get busy ;)


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