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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things That go Bump...and Crash in the Night

At 3:00 AM the night before last, I woke up to some very loud noises in the yard outside of my bedroom where we keep our trash cans. The trash cans have been inside a dog pen that we haven't used in years, just to keep stray dogs out of our trash. Well the noises I heard were not from dogs. I finally woke up enough to realize that something wasn't right and it definitely wasn't my husband outside.....and why is my Golden Retriever not making ANY noise whatsoever if something isn't right?......
Soooo, I'm getting a little nervous, but I peek through the glass door (without turning on any lights), and I see a bear less than 20 feet away!! Thank goodness he didn't see me! As soon as I saw him, all the stories my father-in-law ever told me about wild critters coming into people's homes and terrorizing owners went through my head. Next thought was, do I have a gun and would I know how to use it to defend myself (answer - no). And why is my dog still so quiet and not barking her fool head off. Wait a minute, maybe that is a good thing because then she might attract the bears attention, she definitely isn't mean enough to scare anything away.
My final decision was to run to the other side of the house, try to stop shaking and decide what my options were. I tried to tell my 18-year old son what was going on, but the silly boy just wouldn't wake up. Eventually I wondered back to my bedroom, snuck another little peak out the window and the bear was gone. Needless to say, I didn't sleep too well the rest of the night.
And this is what that darn bear was doing....
He knocked that whole fencing over. Now mind you that there were trash cans inside of that, so he had to get the fencing up and over the trash cans. He dragged one large bag of trash off into the woods beside our house. Last night we didn't hear from him. I hope he stays away. If he comes back he might get a surprise zap from the fence. Yes, darling hubby took care of that. As for the dog? She may be good at protecting the yard from lions and tigers, and the occasional elephant, but not from bears, Oh My!



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