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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ankle-High to a Grasshopper

I started my April RSC Grasshopper sock at the end of June before we left on vacation. And, let's just say that this pattern, although really not that complicated, has taken quite a bit of concentration for me! It took me a couple of tries to get the rhythym of the pattern down, and when I was an inch away from starting the heel, I noticed a few holes in the pattern, so I had to rip back and re-do it. I do feel that I have developed much more persistence when doing my crafts. I used to just give up with sewing or other craft projects when I hit a snag, now I am determined to not let these snags get the better of me. When I tried on the sock, I couldn't see any holes, at least none that weren't supposed to be there!

With the last RSC sock pattern, I used the medium size, and the socks were very snug going over the ankle. This time I chose the large size, and so far it seem to be OK, maybe even a little loose on the foot.

When I returned from vacation, I had my next sock club kit waiting for me. The Firebird colorway is so bright and vibrant.I really need to hurry up and finish the Grasshoppers so that I have empty needles to use on the Solstice Slip. I'm hoping this next pattern works up a little quicker. I sure am learning about knitting toe-up socks!

I did finish my blue Trekking XXL socks during my trip to Wyoming. The color is #108 and these were knit on size 2 US DPNs.

I also got a good start on the Feather and Fan Stole.

close-up of pattern......................

And the project that I was working on as soon as I got back from vacation was a raggedy chenille throw. The cotton that was used was commemorative of the Lewis and Clark expedition. I bought the kit for the throw 2 years ago in Kerrville Texas while I was visiting my mom and sister. There is the neatest quilt store there called Creations. I think we spent 2 hours in there trying to absorb all the wonderful fabrics and quilting ideas and samples that they have displayed throughout the store. This quilt was easy to make. The worst part was the how messy it was (I kept a vacuum handy and used it frequently), and clipping the exposed seam allowances. I had to clip in intervals to spare my hands!! Now I need to take this thing down to the laundromat and wash it for the first time to get rid of the fuzz that keeps floating off of it!!!

Alright, I guess I better quit blathering on and on and get back to knitting on the Grasshopper!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Yes, I'm still alive

Wow, what a busy and exciting past 3 weeks I have had. I actually got back in town about a week ago, but have been running full-speed since I got home. While we were on vacation, we went to Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. We put over 3,000 miles on our truck.

The first historic site we saw was Custer's Battlefield in Montana. We just happened to visit on the 131st anniversary of Custer's Last Stand (June 25th). The headstone with the black on it (pictured below) marks where Custer fell. Needless to say, there was alot of activity at the site. There were battle re-enactments that were just finishing up as we got there. They also had some interpretive speakers. Below is a Lakota indian who is a direct descendant of one of the scouts that was at the battle. He is wearing a breastplate, moccasins and leggings that his grandmother helped him make. We got there in the middle of his talk and he was so interesting, I was sorry I didn't get to hear him from the beginning.
Our next stop, after visiting with my son in Wyoming was Devil's Tower. Some of you may remember this from the movie "Close Encounters." It was very impressive.

Our next stop, of course, had to be Sturgis. The twon seemed deserted after seeing pictures of what it is like during the motorcycle rallies. I was surprised to see that the Harley shop there doesn't sell any motorcycles, but I guess most people ride their bikes there. We ate lunch at One-Eyed Jack's. They were interviewing waitresses and bartenders for the influx of people that they get in August with the rally. I believe they said there are 22 bar stations at this one restaurant/bar (20 of which were outside).

Then it was on to Mt. Rushmore...................

.....Doesn't old George have a nice profile??

And then the Crazy Horse Monument....................(The foreground is actually a statue of what the monument will look like when finished. The statue is in the museum, and the picture was taken from inside the museum. My youngest kiddo took that picture, isn't it neat?!!)

And another picture of a statue and the monument in progress......

The work on this monument started started in 1948 and is continued today by the Korczak Ziolkowski's family.To learn more about the Crazy Horse Monument visit this site.

I only visited one yarn shop during this trip, and didn't buy any yarn. I did however, visit a few quilt shops (one of my other passions), and bought some material to make a quilt for son # 3. If you are ever in Billings, Montana, you must go to Fiberworks. I spent several hour there and could have spent at least 3 more. The shop is incredible!!! There are sample quilts everywhere that really inspire and get those creative juices flowing!

Well, if I am ever going to post this, I had better end now. More knitting related pics later.