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Monday, May 21, 2007

Somebody Loves Me

I had a very nice Mother's Day. I know this post is a little bit late, but I just had to share a picture of the corsage Son # 1 sent me for Mother's Day. He moved far away about 1 1/2 months ago, and I didn't realize how much I miss the big stinker until I talked to him that Sunday. We are driving out to see him in Wyoming at the end of June, and as the time approaches, I'm getting more anxious about seeing him. It sure is an odd feeling when your oldest steps out on his/her own. You love them, but you really want to see them make it on their own and be independent and happy. Any-hoo...aren't these flowers pretty. I do love roses! My boys know me, I also received a gift certificate for the LYS, and gift certificates for Java Hut!

Meanwhile, I have been working on the RSC Inside Out Socks only when it isn't feasible to work on the Arwen cardigan. It was kinda hard to get myself to get started on the second sock, but now it seems to be flowing pretty good. I am not really into camouflage colors, but I think I am going to like these socks.
I have been making progress on the Arwen sweater. I am now working on the sleeve for the right front. I am afraid to say anything... but I might just be getting a little bit more careful about my cables. I am certainly getting enough practice!! Aren't these cables pretty??

I wanted ya'll to know that I have kept good my promise not to start anymore gifts, so far. When I was out-of-town for an Orthodontist appointment with Youngest Son last week, I did some gift shopping at Target. Aren't these hats and booties just too cute?!
And for the boys...................

These little baby shoes remind me of some that Saartje's mom has made for her. (Hint, scroll to the bottom of the entry.) I have tried going to La Droguerie, but I have been "lost in translation."

Last but not least, I finished this sock a couple of weeks ago. Sock #2 will have to wait on the back burner for awhile. The yarn is Trekking. I love the different color combo, and the bright blue.

I hope I have made up for not having any pics in the last post!!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I have have been keeping the needles hot over the past week. I finished the left side of the Cardigan for Arwen - only one side to go! The challenge is on. Do you think, if I really concentrate and focus all my energy (ha ha), that I could finish the other side by the end of the month? Or should I set my goal for the end of the first week in June? The only problem is, I have such a hard time staying with only one project at a time.

Since I posted last, I also finished the first Trekking sock (last seen on post for 4-7), and started on the second Inside Out sock for the RSC. I have decided not to do anymore gift projects until I get more of my present projects done. We'll see how long this resolution lasts, I am soooo weak!!
I hope to have some pics/eye candy to show when I post this weekend. Now it's time to sign off, I only slept about 5 hours last night and tomorrow is a 12-hour work day.
Keep those needles busy!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sock-It-To Me-Baby, Yeah

I sure enjoyed my last days off. It helped not having any out-of-town trips. I got to spend more time than usual knitting. I finished the Sock-It-To Me Baby sweater for Baby B. I felt like I spent most of Friday sewing all the seams together and knitting the neck and front bands. I found the blue and green buttons in my button stash and am very happy with the results.

I'm about ready to either ditch my camera or take a short course on digital photography. I got some very funky background color with all the pics I took of this sweater, and this is the best one!Specs on the sweater:

Yarn: Opal #1616, Pfau, from the Rainforest collection. 1 ball. It didn't look like I could make a hat out of this one ball also, so I didn't attempt it.

Size: 3-6 months.

Needles: Sizes 1 (DPNs) and 2(Addi circulars).

Pattern : "Sock It To Me Baby" sweater by Black Purl Patterns

Time to knit - aproximately 1 month (while working full time, and knitting on other projects for short breaks). This could have been knitted up much quicker if this was the only project I was knitting on. (But then that wouldn't have been any fun, would it? )

When I finished the baby sweater, I was going to start on the second Inside-Out sock, but Arwen was calling to me. She was feeling very neglected after being stuffed away in the corner!! It took me a little bit to get back in the cable mode, and I managed to spend at least an hour trying to fix a mistake with cables that weren't crossing the right way. I do feel like I learned how to do cable surgery pretty well, and got everything "straightened" out. I'm still loving the Debbie Bliss cashmerino that I'm knitting with. It is sooo soft, I am in a "Bliss-ful"state!

This is the progress of the left front. It looks pretty odd at this point.

Below is a closer picture. Doesn't that look like a neck-hole opening that needs to be sewn up the back? Actually the lower part of the opening is the shoulder seam, and there in the top left is the beginning of the hood.

And here is a close-up of my kitcheneredddd cuff. This is a first for me. Doesn't look to shabby, if I do say so myself! Everything is actually crossing the right way! I have had to pay close attention to the instructions. I got off on my row count a few times, but when she said to end on a certain row of the pattern, I did. And it worked!

I have a slight problem, and that is when to say no. I know a baby that is due in May, and one in July. I would like to make these babys something, but I know that my time is limited, and I might never get my other projects done. It sure is more fun to make a gift, than to go buy it in a store. I think I maight make easier projects for these next babys, like a cap and socks in fun yarns (and bigger sizes so they will get more use out of it in the colder months).

But right now, I think I'll go back and spend some time with Arwen! I would love to have her finished before the end of this month. People that live in the south might think I'm crazy for working on a sweater at this time of the year, but where I live, I've worn ski jackets and wrapped up in quilts to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July!!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Inside Out - Off the Needles

I was hoping ot be done with the first Inside Out sock by now, however I have had some problems. I think one of my downfalls is getting too involved with a movie while trying to do cables. I was watching "Facing the Giants" last night with my family, and was very touched by it. It is a movie about being down and out, reaffirming your faith and how God can turn your life around. I teared up in a couple of places, but had to hold it back (the boyz just don't appreciate it when mom starts blubbering during a movie!!). Any-hooo, I have redone the last section of this cuff about 3 times now, and I keep dropping a stitch and getting off on my count. One time I did rows 1-20 twice instead of moving on to rows 21-40. I am going to sit down with it later and figure this out. I refuse to let it get the best of me!!

The other reason I need to get on with sock #2, is that I received my second STR kit already!! I am trying to be strong and finish #2 and the the Sock-It-To-Me baby sweater before I cast on for anything else. I have a 4-day weekend coming up without any out-of-town trips planned, so I'm hoping to get more knitting done.

Last Friday, 4-27 was Arbor Day and Lolly posted a nice entry on "Dendrology", and asked for comments about favorite trees and memories of trees. I think my favorite is the Redwood tree, specifically the Sequoia sempirviren, although I enjoy many other species including flowering trees like fruit trees and jacarandas. When I was younger, I dreamed about living in an area that had alot of trees, and now I am surrounded by National and State Park land. I love all the trees around us. For a little information about the area of Northern CA and the redwoods, please visit this site.

Later: I made a little time when I got off work, and voila'....

Boy this is a hard color to photograph. This picture came out the most true to the real color. I know I have large feet, but these look like they were made for Bozo the Clown!!!!! Oh well, there isn't really much stretch in the foot, lengthwise. They also came out a little tight over the instep. Live and learn. I am glad that I got some stiping on the leg of the sock. I hope to have more to post about before next Mon.

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