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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ah, Wyoming...

I finally have a moment with the house to myself, and time to catch up on a few things. I just wanted to share a few more pictures from our time in Wyoming.

When we were traveling through Yellowstone, traffic was stopped to take pictures of these mountain sheep. They sure blend into their surroundings!
Son # 3 got some interesting shots of clouds with some different lighting. My favorite is the second one.

I believe this shot was taken up the North Fork of the Yellowstone, north of Cody, WY. I just love the reflection that he caught in the water, don't you??

The day before we left, we finally saw a moose. This is the best picture that we could get - she wasn't being very cooperative and had her head too close to that tree for us to gt a very good shot.

We also saw this mom with her cute little twins - if you look closely, they are almost covered by the tall grass.....

On our way home, we drove through Montana, to Coeur d'Alene, ID. One of my favorite stops is St. Regis, MT. They had Bing and Rainier Cherries for sale at a roadside stand. Those were the best cherries I ever tasted. We also had to stop at the little drive-through espresso stand that they have where they sell Huckleberry smoothies that are just wonderful. I love this barn that is behind the espresso stand........

As faras the knitting goes, I am almost done with the side seams on my Auburn Camp shirt. I have also been working on spinning some wool in easter egg colors that I bought at Black Sheep Gathering. I have the singles spun and I hope to have it all plied by this weekend.

As my 16 year old says, "Toodles" for now...............

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time to Get Back to Work

We had a very nice visit vacation. The first stop was the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene. In the future (when all kids are gone - which will be soon), I would like to spend more than one day at the gathering. There were several classes I would have like to take on dyeing and color blending fiber. One of the first things I had to check out was the sheep -

these guys were so cute and tiny compared to the rest of the sheep!
Then, I spent lots of time checking out the different booths..................
With all the wonderful colors.......

And meeting new people, like Kristine from a verb for keeping warm. She is a very warm and friendly person and we talked about her inspiration for her colorways.

I couldn't resist a 3 oz. bag of Polworth from Kristine in these beautiful spring colors...fiber before carding.......

Fiber after flick carding.........

I have almost finished processing those 3 oz. and have little couds of color everywhere. It is amazing how much it expands after carding. I can't wait to spin it!!

I also met Maia and Brooke from Tactile who were sharing a booth with Kristine. Again, very nice ladies with very beautiful yarn colors.
We took our Impala on our trip, and after all the fiber I bought, there wasn't much room left in the trunk of our car. I ended up shipping a box of fiber home. I will have pics of my stash as well as pics of beautiful Wyoming in the next post.

I will leave you with this one shot of the Teton Mountains