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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Auburn Camp Shirt Progress

I know I haven't posted about this in awhile, but I am still working on the Auburn Camp shirt in between getting side-tracked on other projects. When I went on vacation in June/July, I finished the Left front and the 2 sleeves. When I got back home, I sewed all the pieces together (I don't know why I dread that part so much).
Then I knit up the collar..............................
And I started on the cuffs.................
and then...I ran out of yarn- with 1 1/2 sleeve cuffs to go, aargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the wonderful people at our LYS (A Perfect Yarn) are trying to find more yarn for me. I am just a little frustrated with myself and went through every cupboard (aka yarn hiding place) and knitting bag that I could think of, looking for a possible wayward skein of yarn - all to no avail. So my poor shirt is confined to the project bag for, I hope, a short time.

I was trying so hard not to cast-on another project until I finished up a few things that were laying around the house waiting to be noticed, but in frustration I gave into the overwhelming urge. I have done one test knit project for an up and coming designer, and she just happened to post a few new patterns that needed testing. I found one that looked like it would fit the bill, dug through my stash and needles and the yarn started flying! I am having fun with this project and will post a few teaser pics with my next post......

Anyhoo, Son#2 left for school today and will be living about 6 hours away. Son # 3 is at family camp for our church with some friends, and my husband is taking a nap before he goes to work night shift. I do believe I will go hold down the couch and relax with that new project.