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Saturday, July 25, 2009

On the Needles:
The Flirty Tank - I just finished the skirt part of the top, and am starting the bodice. Going well so far. This one shouldn't be too big. In fact when I block the lace, it should be just right (according to the measurements).

The lace is pretty scrunched up right now, and you should see much more pattern definition when it is blocked.

Off the needles-
G's Cabled Scarf:Remember the shades of blue singles that I dyed at BSG? I knitted a scarf out of it for DH. He loves it and is anxious to wear it on a motorcycle ride. I know that sounds funny to allot of people to wear a scarf during the summer, but here on the coast, we are still having foggy, drizzly mornings and highs in the low 60's during the day.
The pattern I used was based on the Double Cable Scarf from the One Skein book by Leigh Radford.
Pattern modification: Instead of only doing 9 cable crossing rows on each end, I continued the cables to the other end of the scarf and did the 2" of ribbing on the end.
Needles - U.S. 9, Addi Turbo circulars.
Yarn - Corriedale thick/thin singles, one skein, hand dyed by me.
Time to complete - about 1 week.
Off the needles -
I have also made a scarf for myself out of some of my first handspun. The scarf still needs to be blocked.
This is a dropped stitch pattern. I think I cast on 45 stitches, knit 2 rows, alternating with a drop stitch row. Knitted to desired length.
Needle size - U.S. 9.

Off the Wheel:

Teal 3 ply Colonial wool, DK weight. Total of 341 1/2 yards.

I sure like doing the 3-ply. It is a much smoother yarn and hides any little imperfections.

Cashmere/wool blend from chasing Rainbows -2 oz. What a pleasure to spin. Sorry I couldn't get the lighting just right for the picture.

84 count Merino Roving that I bought at BSG and hand dyed.
Spun 2 ply, 9-22 WPI.
Yardage - 187.5 yards, 4 oz.

In the box and on the bobbin is 50/50 Wool and silk that I hand dyed at my class at BSG to match the silk hankies dyed by Chasing Rainbows. I have spun a small amount of the silk and plied a sample to see what it would look like. The silk hankies are not very easy to spin, especially since this is my first experience. I am trying to find a special pattern for this. Maybe something like a cowl with a lace design?

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dyeing to knit

I have been a fool for dyeing lately. Here are just a few of the latest skeins out of the dyepot....
Sand and Sea
Wavy Gravy
And of course...Chocolate Covered Cherries

And to show you what a difference it makes to re-skein the yarn when it is dry....


And after re-skeining...............

Last weekend, a fellow spinner/knitter friend and I had a booth at the Farmer's/Saturday Market and I actually sold a few skeins of handspun and some hand-dyed yarn. I feel like I have soo busy with the spinning and dyeing, and was surprised that I couldn't quite fill up a table with my "stuff". I won't be able to do the Sat. Market again until August and should have more yarn to sell by then.

In August, my husband and I will be empty nesters. My Youngest son is leaving for college. We will be going back with him to Virginia, and will be doing some sight-seeing while we are back there (Are there any good yarn shops in Lynchburg??). When we get back, we will be home for one night, then hitting the road to go on our annual trip to Wyoming. I am excited as I will be seeing Son # One's house for the first time.