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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ahhh, Spring

We have been enjoying a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest. It reached 86 degrees Fahrenheit here on Thursday. Those of you who are used to temperatures in the 100's may not think that is such a big deal, but for us on the coast (who don't have AC) who have an average temperature of about 62, it was a heat wave. We were still having frost in the morning up to a few weeks ago. I am hoping that our vegetable garden will finally get planted this weekend.
I have been enjoying this wisteria that we planted in our back yard. The heat has made it go crazy.

The place where I do most of my knitting is on the couch on the other side of this wall. When the window is open, I can smell the sweet aroma of the blooming flowers.

Only one month left of school for the kids, and another year bites the dust. Son # 2 graduates High School this year and goes off to technical school in August. Next year, Son # 3 graduates High School. In a few years it will just be hubby and I. I am excited and scared. He works allot of overtime which leaves me alone allot, guess I will have more time to knit and spin!

Well, it's Saturday and my to-do list is long, I guess I better get busy. Toodles.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

When I was in Texas visiting, I bought some yarn to do the Printed Silk Cardigan. Instead of the Fiesta Yarns La Luz, I decided to use Silkience by ella rae, the color is grape - #19. The fiber content is 41%cotton, 39% Modal, 12%silk, and 8% Rayon. I bought a few extra balls of yarn since I hate getting to the end of a project and coming up short. Plus, I just might want to make it a little longer in the length.

Now I just have to hurry up and finish the Auburn Camp Shirt so that I can start this cardigan! I did recently finish the back, and have now made it past the waist decreases on the right front piece. For more info, see the KAL site.
I have made more progress on knitting. I have been taking periodic breaks to work on these socks. The pattern is Monkey by Cookie A., and was in the Knitty: Winter 2006 issue online. The yarn I am using is Koigu KPPM. I believe the color is P405 (couldn't find the label when I wanted to blog). I was trying to look it up online and all I could find, without spending an hour looking, was KPPPM. I don't know what the difference is, but if you go here, you too can drool over all the beautiful colors!
I have made some progress with my spinning. I have not set the twist yet in this skein of 100% lavender merino - do you see how nice and straight it hangs!!! It is aprox. 11 WPI which makes it a Worsted weight yarn, wieight 3 5/8 oz. or 101 gm., and aprox. 94 yds. This skein will be donated to the local hospital for a silent auction for Disaster Relief funds for employees. I also bought a few new books on dying from Hands on Dyeing isn't really what I expected, and I probably could have done without that book. However, I am really enjoying The Craft of Natural Dyeing, and The Dyer's Companion. I am doing a little reading before I jump in with the dyeing. I am really interested in useing plants, flowers, etc. to dye with. We are getting ready to plant our garden, and I want to try growing our own plants to use. If I don't get on the ball, it may be next year before I am ready for that!Well, that's all I have for now. Happy knitting and spinning.

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