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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My latest dye adventures.......

I just had to share these yarns that I dyed. I haven't been good about coming up with names for the colors that I do, oh well, I 'm still having fun!
Shades of blue to green...
This color combo reminds me of an old china pattern, I believe it was called desert rose. This is superwash merino and didn't soak up the dye very well, not likeing superwash very much for dyeing right now. Once you spin it, you don't really notice the white spots, it just tends to lighten the color.
I was really playing around with the colors here, and tried the scarlet, diluted. I like the way it came out in the roving, and then had to try 2 of the colors by themselves on some odd bits of yarn that I had. I like the colors allot and am thinking that they might be good for some bigger sweater project.
These yarns are all 100% organic wool. Too bad I haven't learned how to use natural plant dyes yet :(
Next time I dye, I will try to get out of the darker colors. I do like the intensity of the colors though.
Hand spinning:
I finally finished and plied the mauve merino that I bought last Feb. I used my Ashford drum carder to make batts, then sun it on my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. It was hard to get use to spinning from a batt after spinning with mostly roving, but I am happy with the results, and it is very soft.

I also have some darker maroonish/purple-ish merino to spin that I bought at the same store. I would like to get that spun up as well, but need to quit with the ADD and stick with less than 10 projects at a time!!! Must... maintain... focus........
Finished socks:
Salish Sea Socks, Finished on 10-12-2009.
Sorry about the lighting. But this is proof that I did finish both socks.
Better picture of sock....
I do love Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock yarn. It is very comfortable to wear and nice to work with. So far I have more than enough yarn from one skein to make a nice pair of socks. Maybe one day I will do something with all the leftovers.
I also have a very cute pair of socks on the needles that was just started 1 week ago. Sock #1 almost done. You can view it here on Ravelry, since I don't want to take any chance of ruining it for the recipient!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Life is busy,and I like it like that. I haven't had time to think too much about being an empty nester. So, while husband is setting up the new DVD release of "My Life in Ruins," I will give you a quick update.
Knitting projects:
A baby hat for a workmate at work that is due soon. (This really isn't the only thing I gave her, but it is the only thing I made for her).
Salish Sea Socks for the 2007 Rockin' Sock Club through Blue Moon Fiber Arts (75% finished)
New Purchases:
Yarn for the Rosamund Cardigan (see more pictures here)from the Fall 2009 issue of Knits. I bought the yarn last weekend while in Sacramento visiting Son#2 and stocking up his fridge with food. The yarn is Royal Llama Silk by Plymouth Yarn Co. (60% Llama and 40% silk)......
Mariposa Shawl kit from Southwest Trading Co. (The kit was purchased from Websters in Ashland) The yarn is Bamboo - 100%, color #182

I have also had fun cooking from the few things that we grow on our property.
Ugly apples......

Make yummy apple crisp.......
Tonight I made the Toscana Soup (Olive Garden's recipe scroll down until you see the recipe) using fresh Kale and Yukon Gold potatoes from our garden. Boy was it Yummy. I also made Cheddar Bay biscuits. Sorry I didn't take any pics of that.
Will post again with pics of recently dyed yarns when I get a chance.