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Monday, March 22, 2010

It is Time to Finish What I Started...

I have been a little frustrated by my stash, my habit of starting alot of things, and being a 50-90 percent-er. So I am trying to mend my ways. After all, it is pretty sad to go through your craft stash and find all these beautiful projects that you had big glowing plans for, sitting forgotten and neglected.
So my fingers have been busy working on projects. The oldest is this Log Cabin throw that I started back in the days when I was really into quilting. I started this about 2001-ish, pieced the top together in 2002-ish, and started machine quilting it (stitching in the ditch) about 2005-2006-ish. It has sat neglected in my sewing room since then. I was doing some spring cleaning the other day and decided it was time to finish this poor, neglected quilt. I still really like the fabric and design. It was my intention to make this as a throw to cover up with when sitting on the couch knitting and watching movies during the winter season.

In just about 4 hours of working on it, the machine quilting is done. Next I need to even up the edges, sew on the binding, and the quilt is finished!!! I think I should label it with the story of how long it took to finish!!
The next (actually the first thing I dug out of my stash - that started this whole thing), was this beautiful Corriedale roving that I bought about 1 year ago.

It was hand dyed by Carin Engen Fiber Arts; 2 oz. of colorway Leaf Green. I spun 2 ply yarn out of it at an average of 15 WPI, which makes it a sport weight yarn. There are approximately. 183 yards.

Next, I dug out the Flirty Tank that I started last summer, then put away about September to start working on Christmas presents.

It is sooo close to being finished. I need to do the armhole shaping on both sides of the back, the ribbing around the neck and armholes, block it, and voila! Another project done!!!! Now, if I can only keep my nose to the grindstone.
Oh, and I also dug up this project.....
The name of the pattern is Miss Dashwood. I started this for a friend about 1 year ago and ended up giving her something else. Soooo, when I needed a baby gift for someone else at work, I thought I should finish this. I am ashamed by how little time it took to finish. I just needed to knit one more tie, block everything, and sew the ties and ear flaps to the hat. Less than 2 hours to project satisfaction.
Now on to newer projects. I started the Rosamund Cardigan Feb. 19th. When I started it, I was determined that I would finish it and not let it sit neglected. I finished it on Marh 8th - ta-da! Well, I guess I still need to sew on the buttons.... minor detail.
The next new project that I finished in about a month was the Noro Striped Scarf.
I had to take several pictures so that you could see all the pretty colors.

In some areas there wasn't much contrast of colors...... I cast on 49 stitches, knit with U.S. size 7 circular needles. I knit in K1, P1 ribbing, slipping the first stitch of every row until all the yarn was gone. The yarn was Noro Silk Garden in color #252 and #282.

This was an easy project, perfect to knit on during lunch breaks at work, and at home after a 12-hour shift when I needed something easy to do to relax and unwind.

What's waiting for you in your craft closet??

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