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I love to make things with my hands. My current passions are knitting and spinning.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Stolen Knitting Moments

I'm doing something I don't like to do, and that is post pictureless. I thought I might have time to finish something last weekend, but it didn't happen. I had the itch to start a new project, and stopped myself just in time. I also felt the need to complete something that has been on the needles for awhile. On Sat. I cast on for the first sleeve on the Bookworm tunic that I started a few months ago. It won't keep me very warm unlees I have something to attach to the finished front and back. Yes, I know it is still summer, but maybe I'll get it done in time to wear this winter!! I just keep repeating to myself "I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can". I have been knitting in every spare moment, even if it is only a few rows at a time. I have been knitting in the car while going through drive-throughs, while the husband drives us to church, while on the phone; in fact it is sitting in my lap right now while I cruise the net so that I can knit while pages upload. I should get that sleeve done this weekend, maybe even tonight as I have the house to myself and no cooking to do.
I have also discovered hidden reading moments (it is so hard to read while you are knitting). I read while blow drying my hair and curling it with a curling iron. I started reading Stephanie Pearl- McPhee's new book Knitting Rules - she really knits the nail on the head (oops, I mean hits the nail) with her descriptions of being a fiber-holic. I am well on my way to developing a substantial stash after my vacation, and to being "doomed". After reading her book I don't feel like such a "freak" with my obsessions. I also have a history of fabric addiction (for quilting), and cross-stitch addiction, so I guess I was doomed once I decided I had to learn how to knit socks. I know I am going to have to tackle spinning too when I have more time.....I must learn how to do everything!!
I hope ya'll have a good knitty weekend.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vacation Projects

I got more beading done than knitting while visiting with my mom and sister in Texas. This year I took a project for all three of us to do together. We all did a grapevine bracelet.

I ordered the kits for this bracelet from Poppy Fields. My mother knows alot about beading and helped my sister and I with the directions and techniques. The kits for the grapevine bracelets are no longer offered, but she does have a new kit for a garden party bracelet. The most frustrating part of the bracelet was doing the basket and the grape clusters that went in it. It was very tiny and hard to work with, and a little difficult to see where your thread was. Below is a picture of the basket overflowing with grapes. You can't really see the basket on this picture because there are soo many grape clusters in it.

Here is a picture of another necklace set that my mom helped me design. It is made with some frosted pink glass beads, Peridot beads, and some handblown glass beads. I had all the beads, she helped arrange it in a pleasing design. It's amazing how much energy you can put into getting it "just right"!

I also did a necklace from Beadstyle magazine by the same designer - Margo Fields. I love the way this necklace turned out and, of course, had to make earrings to match. I did make a modification at the center front of the necklace, the original called for 3 different strands with branches which would have made it too long for my taste. Since Blogger is refusing to upload any more pictures for me, you'll have to see it here.

The other project my mother helped me with was actually part of my birthday present from Jan. I had mentioned that I liked the garnet necklace that was in a beading magazine from last fall, and she found 3 different types of garnets to make a necklace. I started to string this necklace with beading wire, but the holes in some of the beads and pearls were too small, and I ended up stringing it with needle and thread. I got all the way done and we were doing the finishing up to get it on a lobster clasp, and part of it broke, so I had to re-string it again. Yep, I had to string the beads 3 different times. It was very frustrating - but it's done. Hurray! And, again, there are earrings to make a matched set.

Last weekend Hubby and I drove up the coast and did a little shopping and playing. I was trying to knit on the Tangled Garden fair isle socks and decided that just wasn't a good idea in the car. Fair Isle requires a bit of concentration. So I bought some yarn to knit up an easy shawl. The pattern advertises it for being and easy weekend or traveling project. By the time I got back home on Saturday evening, the shawl was almost complete. I have several more rows to do and the fringe, and I am done! I should be able to get to that this weekend. Stay tuned for finished projects!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm Back

Actually I have been back for a few days, but I have been busy getting the house back in order and catching up on some sleep.
My vacation was filled with fun, fun, fun...especially from a woman's point of view (my boys think I'm nuts). On June 25th I made it to the Black Sheep Gathering and was overwhelmed by all the goodies I saw there. I took some pictures of some of the fibers (shorn and still on the goat) that I saw there, but the pics are MIA. I do have picture of the goodies that I bought.

I thought these little goodies would help me get going better with the spinning thing. The pamphlet had some good basic info on using and choosing the correct weight drop spindle for the weight of yarn that you want to spin.

I'm hoping that this Corriedale pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms will spin up into yarn suitable for ......SOCKS! Believe it or not, I am interested in knitting other things and plan on expanding my talents over the coming year.

But before I do that....I couldn't resist stopping at Blue Moon Fibers and getting some yarn. I recently purchased their new book Fair Isling On Blue Moon. I had purchased one skein of yarn to do the socks on the cover, and bought the rest of the yarn at the show. I'm excited about doing these socks, but I think I'll finish my Tangled Garden socks first. I have been knitting a little on them the last few days, and things seem to be going better.
I also bought some yarn from Interlacements. I didn't think I would be attracted to anything other than cotton or wool, but they had such beautiful colors that I couldn't resist getting at least one skein. I bought the 8 ply Rayon/Flax. It is soft, and they had some nice, free patterns for making a shawl or wrap with the yarn that I can't wait to try. I' sorry if the yarn looks like a slug, I wasn't able to find a swift or yarn winder in my price range yet, and haven't made the time to wind it yet.

I also did alot of clothes shoping and mall shopping and I believe I have had my fill for awhile. I now have a few more skirts to wear to church on Sundays.

I did finish my Pomatomus socks, but not till yesterday, after I made it back home. All I had to do after I got home was one toe section.
And for a close-up of the heel....... I really enjoyed working on these socks, and learned alot about yarn overs. I feel that I am now ready to knit on a shawl, at least I hope I am ready! I am going to go spend time with hubby now since blooger is not being cooperative in posting some other pics I had to show. I should have another post up in a few days. Enjoy your weekend!