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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Almost off the needles:
I started this purse on July 28th. It is based on a purse in our LYS that one of the owners had designed and knit. I had looked on Ravelry for a puse pattern, and I didn't find many patterns. I did see one that was striped so i based my design on that also. But really, this is one that I am kinda designing as I go. I am doing an i-cord around the top of the purse to finish off that edge, and around the base of the purse to help it stand up straighter, when you put it down. I finished the i-cord on the top last night, and started on the base. Next I have about 8 feet of i-cord to knit for the handles. I am also trying to figure out how to add a pocket or two on the inside of the purse, and some kind of flap to close the top ( or I might look into some kind of magnet to keep it closed)
The Flirty Tank progress has slowed down. I am on the bodice with a "daisy stitch" on a base of knit stitches for the design. The daisy stitch is fussy to do, and if you don't get it snug enough, it leaves too much of a hole. It is knit 2X, alternated with a purl, all through the same 3 stitches. I think it is starting to look better.
I also started this pair of socks. I love a good sock project for traveling, very light and compact.
The pattern is Salish Sea Socks by Cat Bordhi, the yarn is medium seight 100% superwash Merino in the Bella Coola colorway. This project is from the 2007 Socks That Rock club. Better late than never, right? I haven't been knittng much on socks lately and there is a lot of yarn in my sock yarn stash that is waiting for some attention. I have been very good at resisting the urge to buy more at our LYS - they keep getting new, beautiful yarns. I don't know if I will be able to resist this urge much lonnger!!!!!
I haven't spun very much since my last post, mostly because I worked about 90 hours in 1 week. There wasn't much timee to spin and get some sleep before I had to go back to work. But I did work on this Dusty pink Corriedale cross. I bought the fiber alreday dyed, but picked it and ran it through my drum carder before spinning it.
I have been working almost solely with combed top, so it was quite different to spin from a batt. This yarn will be very bouncy when plied. I can't decide if I want to ply it with one ply of a darker purple or just with itself?
I am off of work now till the end of the month and will be taking son #3 back to college to get him all settled in, then visiting son #1 and miscellaneous other family. I hope to voisit yarn shops along the way. I am blessed with a husband that knows how to keep me happy and is very understanding about my obsessiveness with my current favorite hobby.
Future projects -
1. Teddy Suit from Baby Knits by Lois Daykin. for a friend at work that is due in October. I need to get started on that as soon as I get home.
2. Christmas projects X 2
3. A scarf out of some scrumptious yarn that I bought last year in Texas.
Happy knitting to all......