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Friday, March 31, 2006

Another pair finisihed...

I did it, I did it! Whoo Hooo! I finished my second pair of socks in one month! And check out these pictures, I think I am getting better with the camera - and it didn't take me an hour to take the pictures this time.

Pattern - Broadripple
Yarn - Cascade Fixation, color no. 9862(98.3% Cotton, 1.7% elastic). I used 2 50 gm. balls.
Needles - Size 3 circular addi Turbo needles.

The yarn was very different than working with wool. I stretched it a little bit while knitting, and it is still plenty loose ( not too lose, not too tight), on my leg. I really like the scalloped edge on the cuff and am pleased with the way the design turned out. One of the bestest things about knitting these socks - I had yarn left over!! It may not have been very much, but I did have yarn left over. I guess I stretched one ball of yarn more than the other while knitting, although not enough to make any difference in how the socks fit me.

I have also been knitting on the red bookworm tunic this week, and have the back almost finished. I should have it done by the beginning of next week, and be able to start on the front.

I have the next 4 days off of work and am going out of town tomorrow with the hubby. Hopefully he will take me to a yarn shop that I have been wanting to check out. I've heard it is a great store, and I'm itching to buy yarn for another project.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blog site updating

Last night I updated my site. A big thanks to Chrissy who answered my e-mail and pointed me in the right direction to learn how to add buttons on my sidebar with a link to the blog site. I had asked some computer whizzes at work about the link buttons, and they acted like I was from a different planet. I was soo excited when I got it to work that I had to show my kids - for some reason my teenage boys just weren't as excited about my accomplishments as I was. I have been learning so much more about computers in the last 3 months. Within the next week or two, I hope to have my own button for my blog. Maybe someday, someone besides my friends and family will actually read my blog!! I do think I probably have more fun reading other peoples blogs than writing my own.

My goals for last weekend were to finish one of the Bradripple socks, and to finish the book I was reading. I achieved both of my goals - hurray! I even had a little bit of yarn leftover from my sock when I was done. The Cascade Fixation comes in 50 gm. balls, which normally isn't quite enough for me to finish a sock. I think the only reason that it worked for me is that the yarn has some elastic in it, and I stretched it a little as I knit. I tried the sock on and it seemed very comfortable. I wonder if I can get the other sock done this weekend - and still be able to feel my hands?!

The book I finished last weekend was called The Kite Runner. It was a wonderful book aout a man that grew up in Afghanistan in the 1970's and then came to the U.S. to live. I have heard from a friend that this author is writing another book and am anzious to see if it is just as good as this one was.

Well, I'm off to knit a bit.....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Busy Hands, Happy Hands

I have been busy knitting away this week. I'm hoping to finish the Broadripple socks before the end of this month. It would be the first time that I finished 2 pairs in one month. Maybe I'm getting faster at knitting? I know that I am more comfortable knitting socks than I was a year ago. I also spend every spare minute doing what I can - a row here, 2 rows there. I'm addicted. It is so satisfying knitting something that you know will keep your feet or body warm. We have had some cold weather lately, and even got some snow last weekend - at sea level ! Granted, it

did melt as soon as it hit the ground.

I went to the LYS last weekend and was able to get some help on the Bookworn Tunic that I am knitting out of Hip Knits.

Once I got started on this pattern I have been having fun. I hope the sweater will be as comfortable as it looks. And yes, I am a bookworm in my spare time - that is when I'm not knitting or doing some other craft.

Since last Sat. I have knitted from the top of the border. Picture on this blog are courtesy of my youngest son. I think he does a better job than I do on the pics. He is also breathing down my neck as I type, waiting for his turn on the computer. Next time I blog, I'm going to try to pick a time when no one else is home! More pics to come as I finish more on these projects.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Two Sock Month??

Specs on the sock -
cast on 48 stitches
needles : 4 size 4 dpn's
yarn: Stampato Extra 100% Australian Merino
color #8008
pattern: basic socks with 2X2 ribbing on cuff

I finished the red socks - yeah!! I can't wait to wear them, but I want the first place to be special, do you ever feel like that ?? You work on something and it is really special to you because :
1. of the blood, sweat and tears that you put into it.
2. How special ( or dear, and by dear I mean expensive) the materials are to you.
3. How hard the materials were to get (you went to 20 stores in 4 different cities... or states...or countries!!!)
4. It's a one of a kind project that isn't available to just anyone and everyone. (like yarn for a sock-of-the month club).
5. It's something that you got when with someone special ( like your mom, your sisiter or a close friend)
6. It's a project that you did together with someone your mom, your sister, or a close friend.
These socks are special to me just because I love the color of the yarn. The red isn't too bright (I think barn red is my favorite red - and this is kind of a bran-ish (opps, I mean barn-ish) red. I also love the flecks of different colors in the yarn, I kept trying to figure out how many different colors there were while I was knitting it. The interesting yarn made up for doing 2 basic sock patterns in a row. Now that I think about it, I may not be able to wait for a specail occasion to wear the socks, all I know is that I don't want to wear them for the first time at work!
I have alreday cast on for the Broadripple socks from I'm using Cascade Fixation yarn, and if I can ever learn how to take decent pics with my digital camera, I'll post a pic of the progress. This pattern should be a bit more of a challenge, which I am looking forward to. This is also a different yarn for me as it is "98.3%" cotton, and "1.7% elastic. I'm not sure if I should stretch the yarn while I am knitting. Has anyone out there ever used this yarn? And if so, do you have any special hints for knitting it?? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks...