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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some Knitterly Progress

I have been working on several secret projects lately. It's kinda driving me crazy because I can't talk about them or post any pictures right now. I'm also test knitting a small project for someone...and I can't post a picture of that either! I'm going to have to auit knitting on secret things, Maybe after Christmas.....
In the meantime, this Feather and Fan Shawl has been my standby project this summer. It has been repetitious enough to be a no-brainer, except for every 7 rows. I'm not sure how long I'm going to make it, maybe long enough to wrap around me and back to the front.

I have done a little spinning and plying. I have already set the twist on this skein. It isn't wound quite as tight as the last skein, in fact, it may be plied just a little too loose in spots. I 'll just keep working on it until I get it right. This yarn is very soft, which is a good thing.I just got another loaner wheel to try today. It is the Ashford Traveller. I wanted to try it to see if I like it any better than the Kiwi wheel. I am sold on the double treadle though. I also got a larger Niddy Noddy to wind my skeins so they don't end up in such a mess like this one.
Well, I'm..... off to do some stitching,

some wonderful stitching today,

La la, la la, la la, la la

It's wonderful stitching today

(sung to the tune of "I'm Off To See The Wizard")

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time for a Breather

Ahhhh...... my oldest son was married on 09-08-07, and everything went very well. No major catastrophies. The saddest part, though, was that my daughter-in-law's grandmother died a week before the wedding, and the funeral was the day before the wedding. We ended up with more of her family at the wedding than was previously planned. I think they had close to 50 extra people. It was a good thing that it wasn't a formal, sit-down reception. The reception was kind of a blur for me, I wonder how much the bride and groom remember. They were both glowing and beaming from ear-to-ear. They are currently on their way to their new home, and honeymooning along the way.

Sooo, life goes on. I have a Junior and Senior in High School this year. I don't imagine I will be able to catch my breath for a couple of years! My son who is the Junior has NO electives this year. I was concerned about the heavy load, but he doesn't seem to be. I think he is starting to be more serious about his future. He worked hard this summer earning money for car insurance, and his employers gave him a bonus specifically to put in the bank towards college...and he did!! I have heard alot of compliments about my kids over the last few years about how polite they are, and they seem to be able to communicate well with other adults. I guess all that praying for them, loving them, and keeping all of us involved in the church as a family is paying off.

I was hoping that I would be able to really get back into knitting this week, but I came back to work being a short-handed, so have had to work 10-11 hour days today and yesterday. I should be able to post some pics of knitting progress this weekend.

TTFN (For those of you who haven't watched Sleepless In Seattle - "Ta-ta for now")

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