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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Merry Cox projects - finished!!

I have been playing hooky from the blog for a good reason. I spent about 9 days with my mom and sister in Texas and just got back on 4-21 in the evening. Since then I have been working and playing catch-up around the house. It's funny how many things need to be "caught- up" after only being gone for 9 days, even when the guys do a fair job of keeping up with things around the house. I am a firm believer in teaching my children (all 3 boys) how to do housework and laundry. They even know how to cook a few things! I want them to be able to take care of themselves when they are out on their own. (Besides, if I did EVERYTHING for them, their wouldn't be any time left over to spin, knit, cross-stitch, quilt, sew, or read!! 'my bad??)

While I was in Texas, my mom had knee surgery. While she was recuperating, sis and I stayed around the house and worked on doing the finishing for the Merry Cox workshop we went to in Phoenix, AZ last November. We took two classes, Flowers in the Fall and the Diminutive Sewing Set. The finishing seemed to go on forever, but my sister taught me alot aobut how to do the finishing. I really like the way Merry has nice little "presentation bags" that were made out of taffeta to store your projects in and give everything a nice finishing touch. She is a lovely person and I would take a class from her again if the opportunity ever presented itself. She is a very warm and friendly person and made a point of trying to talk to as many people as she could. She never talked down to anyone and tried to make the instructions and clear as possible.
Here are some shots of my "Flowers in the Fall"
and the inside of the bird box................
The Diminutive Sewing Set had the most detailed finishing. There are little compartments at each end that you make out of posterboard covered with silk that you glue to the posterboard. You cover each end separately, then try to hand sew those pieces to the main piece (not an easy task with that glue on there!). Each individual piece had some finishing to do.
Then there were all the other goodies that went into the box,
the scissor holder and sampler...
and the little sewing bag (the stitched end opens up to hold your needles).
I did come home with a few things left to do. There is a presentation bag for the Diminutive Sewing kit. I have it sewn up, but there are a few little finishing touches that I have to complete.
I did get a little knitting down. I worked on the Auburn Camp shirt some (pics to follow in next post). I also started a pair of Monkey Socks in Koigu KPPM. OK, I know I didn't need to start another project, but sock are a good project to take with you when you are traveling. I like the pattern, easy but not boring. I am really liking the yarn, it is very nice to work with, and has a nice hand.
OK, back to the knitting needles I go, I'll try not to wait so long between posts.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fiber Candy!!

It's definitely time for a photo update. I have been making more baby presents when I need a break from heavy knitting. My latest endeavor is diaper soakers for a friend's grandchild. They are quick and easy to knit and there are alot of free patterns on the net (of course!). I have been using the pattern from Fern and Faerie. The cuffs for the legs look knida silly the way that they stick straight out, but I have seen other soakers that look just like these......
The specs: Pattern: Fern and Faerie free hand-knit diaper soaker pattern.
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 wool, 100% merino superwash in color 664
Needles: Size 5 and 7 wooden DPN's
Satisfaction for a quick and easy knit that will be well used and appreciated - PRICELESS!

On Friday the 4th, I had my last fiber preparation class. I ended up with plenty of fiber to spin and many different methods to practice. I learned how to make hand carded rolags and batts, drum carded batts, how to make roving and rolags from drum carded batts, and how to spin from a batt.
I am really excited about all the possibilities with mixing colors on the drum carder also. I was supposed to help a friend and learn how to dye yarn in the process, but we have had a hard time getting together with our different schedules. I had to buy some fiber while I was st the store for my lesson. There was this merino that was hand dyed - most of it is yellow, but it also has some light pink in it.
I also hand carded a little bit of hand dyed mohair locks that I had purchased several years ago. I think this will be beautiful spun up!
I have also made some progress on the back of the Auburn Camp Shirt. Monica, one of the participants in the KAL for this shirt, was kind enough to make a button for the site - you can see it in my sidebar. We will also soon be able to post picture updates on Flickr thanks to Monica.

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